Subject: SchoolFusion News - January 2011
Date to send: 1/18/2011 at 6:00 AM

Edition: #2
January 2011 

Student Accounts
Student accounts are available within SchoolFusion. What does this mean? Any Lubbock ISD student grades 3rd-12th can log into any school Web site using the same username and password used on school computers. By logging into a SchoolFusion Web site, students gain streamlined access to their teachers and the classroom pages of which they are a member. Students no longer have to search through Classroom Web pages for their teacher's page. This more direct access begins with the student's homepage. The student's Fusion Home can be found under their name and thumbnail calendar on the left hand side of a Web site. The Fusion Home page organizes teachers and classroom FusionPages of which a student is a member. Additionally, "My Message Center" allows a student to communicate with teachers at their assigned campus. Finally, any discussion topics in which a student participates will appear here, too. What does a student's Home Page look like? <CLICK HERE>

Parent Accounts
Implementation of Parent Accounts has been postponed until a later date. However, parents can continue to access school Web sites without logging in. Did you know there are great calendaring tools within SchoolFusion that do not require a log in to view, and how do I display multiple calendars for children at different campuses? <CLICK HERE>

In the meantime, we would like to offer the option of having a parent account to LISD employees who are parents of students in LISD. If you are interested in having a SchoolFusion account which gives direct access to teacher pages, as well as access to the assignments given via the Homework tool, please send an email to Sarah Ancell (
). Be sure to use your LISD email account, rather than a personal email account, when sending this request. If you have questions, please refer to the contact information at the end of this newsletter.


Teacher Accounts
 As explained above, student accounts are already available within SchoolFusion. Any Lubbock ISD student grades 3rd-12th can log into to any school Web site using the same username and password used on school computers. What does this mean for teachers? Students can access a teacher's page directly and participate in discussion topics/blogs, take online quizzes, submit homework assignments online, etc. With parent accounts on the horizon, teachers will be provided with another way to communicate all the wonderful teaching and learning that is going on in the classroom to parents. In order to get ready for future parent access and to continue adding content to classroom FusionPages for students, teachers may want to visit the SchoolFusion Help Site. By clicking on the following links, you will be taken to Help Documents and How-To videos.

  Help Documents: <Click Here Video Tutorials: <Click Here>

School Web site Highlights
In this section of the newsletter, we will periodically highlight how different school Web sites have effectively used SchoolFusion to communicate with parents, students, and the Lubbock community.

Talkington School For Young Women Leaders - Have you visited the Talkington School for Young Women Leaders site? This school uses slideshows to effectively communicate all the exciting activities going on to visitors that go to this Web site. Check it out by going to and clicking on the "Campus Life Slideshows" link. By adding slideshows of events to a school's front page, an online scrapbook of students and teachers engaged in learning is displayed for visitors. If your school would like to know how to use slideshows in the same manner, refer to the contact information listed below. Congratulations Talkington for your effective use of slideshows to highlight your school! Talkington will be presented with a virtual blue ribbon that will be displayed in an announcement on the front page of their Web site as well as a congratulatory announcement placed on the District Web site. Additionally, the school will be given a framed certificate and banner.


Web site Administrators
If you are part of a Web site team that administers your school's Web site, this section is for you. What's the big deal about announcements? The announcements on the front of your school's Web site provide a great opportunity for visitors, parents, students, community members, and prospective parents/students to find out what is happening on your campus. Having a website that changes or is updated frequently will encourage repeat visitors. This can be accomplished, in part, by having fresh, informative announcements on the front page. Clink on the link below to discover more ways to make sure your school's site is worth visiting over and over again.

Want to know more? <CLICK HERE> or see the contact information at the bottom of this newsletter.